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You do the dreaming and we do the hustling to bring your vision to reality! Our team works tirelessly to provide the best event production services in California. Our client base spans from large corporations to individuals. We are committed to excellence from the moment you receive your quote until the doors close behind your last guest.


Industry Partners

We collaborate with innovative industry leaders with a proven track record of professional commitment. Hustle Monkey has spent years cultivating these professional relationships to ensure our teams of vendors work together synergistically to provide a first-class experience for our clients and their guests.

Meet Ian 

Ian is a veteran within the hospitality industry who prides himself on being a people-oriented innovator. He holds a degree in Business from Penn State, where he first began his career in event coordination and business direction. Ian has played a vital role in working with several industry leaders and has earned a reputation as a reliable and ardent event director. He has successfully staffed and assembled food and music festivals, celebrity mixers, and parades.


Ian is also a knowledgeable sommelier with a strong beverage and mixology background. He trains staff in Orange County, Paso Robles, San Diego and other parts of Central California for events with the knowledge that comes from 18 years of experience. Ian makes a point to know the brands Hustle Monkey Events & Services INC. works with on a personal level, establishing strong lines of communication with all event and account managers. 

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